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Marina Del Rey is a seaside area of Los Angeles County, and one of the largest man-made small boat harbors in the U.S., with 19 marinas containing 5,300 ships.

Marina Del Rey

Located southeast of Venice and north of Playa Del Rey near the mouth of the Ballona Creek, just four miles north of Los Angeles International Airport Marina Del Rey is bounded on all sides by the City of Los Angeles.

A strip of land against the beach densely filled with giant beach-style homes, specially designed harbor for small boats, wetlands preserve, few high-rise condos, hotels, apartments, shops, and restaurants is what makes Marina Del Rey. The area also includes the USC Information Sciences Institute and ICANN - the governing organization of the Internet.

Marina Del Rey is crowded with houses and boats, it does not appear manicured, nevertheless it is quiet and wealthy, diverse and scenic.

Currently the area is experiencing development boom, and rising cost of housing.

This photo website presents contemporary scenic nature photography from Marina Del Rey California.


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